Chapter 28, When We Meet Again

Spring of 2018 I picked up the book by Lance Richardson,  The Message, and started to thumb through it. I stopped at Chapter 8.

“I watched numerous people pass through the veil while I was there. It was most enjoyable . . . . I witnessed an elderly woman whose family anticipated her arrival. There were about twenty individuals, jumping up and down excitedly, as if waiting for a loved one to come off of an airplane. A slender man, who was most obviously the husband of the women, paced back and forth nervously.” Another man, who acted as a leader to the group, then stepped partly through the veil so that I could not see him. He then stepped back, announced happily, “It is time,” and turned back to the veil. He reached his arm forward and drew it back, holding the hand of the elderly woman. She seemed startled and a bit blinded at first. Then, upon seeing the group, her expression turned to one of absolute splendor. They parted for her to see the gentleman standing at the back, the one who appeared to be her husband. They rushed into one another’s arms.”

As I read the experience of that couple, I was given a brief glimpse of a reunion still to take place. It will be very sweet.