Chapter 29, Fingerprints

Fingerprints are evidence of a loved one’s assistance in times of trouble…..or not.

Before leaving the hospital the morning her mother passed away, Calli heard her mother tell her to not start the journey of forgetting her, “I can do things from here”.

In the blessing to Kurt; “your mother’s ability to bless her family is now uninhibited”.

In November 2016 Calli and Ty and family planned a trip to DisneyLand. They bought their tickets three months in advance and had them mailed to the house. Tyson wanted that to be part of the experience for the family.

The day before they are leaving, Calli can’t find the tickets. Fifteen hundred dollars worth of tickets. The last time she remembered seeing them, they were on the kitchen table. Her fear was that she had accidentally thrown them away.

She called DisneyLand customer service and explained her plight. The response was; I’m sorry Mrs Lewis, we don’t reissue tickets under any circumstances, or for any reason.

She called three times, got the same response each time. Even though she had her confirmation number verifying they had purchased the tickets.

Calli’s daughter Sydney is hearing what’s going on. She is starting to panic, thinking they won’t be able to go. Calli tells her to go say a prayer and then ask grandma for some help.

When Tyson got home from work, Calli explains what happened and the response from customer service.

Tyson calls customer service; I’m sorry Mr. Lewis, we don’t reissue tickets for any reason, under any circumstances…but if you can be here by 11:45 Sunday night, I will reissue yours.

Just as Lorna studied every aspect of the hospital when Katie was having her baby, I believe Lorna was at the customer service area of Disneyland. She is figuring out who can hear her, once identified, that’s the person that will answer the phone when Tyson calls. Tyson was there by 11:45 Sunday night, the young lady that answered the phone did reissue their tickets.

Summer of 2018, The company Scott works for was invited to participate in a four man scramble golf memorial tournament.

Our foursome consisted of Scott, Kurt, me and a friend of Kurts, Jon Brown.

One of the par 3 holes was being sponsored by Opticare of Utah. They were giving away a free Lasik surgery for the golfer that was closest to the hole off the tee. A complete surgery, pre exam, surgery both eyes, post exam. A forty five hundred dollar gift. If you were closest to the hole, and didn’t need the Lasik, you could transfer it to someone else, you could sell it, whatever the winner wanted to do. No strings attached.

Scott was talking with the Opticare employees and mentioned that he wasn’t seeing as well as he used to, so it would be kind of neat to win it.

Kurt was heading to the tee box, and overheard Scott talking to Opticare representatives. On the tee box, he said to himself, hey mom how about a little help with this swing.

There were one hundred twenty golfers in the tournament. Kurt was closest to the pin, he won the Lasik surgery. He had a .08 percent chance of winning.

Kurt had lasik a number of years ago, had no need for another one, so he gave the Lasik to Scott. Scott had the pre exam, he wasn’t a candidate. Scott’s wife Eliza had the pre exam, she wasn’t a candidate.

They find out their oldest daughter Sicily, our granddaughter who is living and working in Southern California, had been saving money for Lasik surgery.

She was a perfect candidate for the surgery. Which ended up costing her nothing.

In December 2019 Katie, Clint and family went on a Caribbean Cruise. Their oldest Miles, age 11, likes to collect foreign coins. He got a Haitian coin on the cruise.

At the Miami Airport when going through security, they all had carry-on bags. Clint went first through the scanner, then each of the three kids with Katie bringing up the rear. She placed her bag on the conveyor belt to go through the X-Ray machine, then stepped up to the scanner. She could see Clint and Miles looking for something on the floor. As she came through the scanner she asked what they were looking for. Clint said he had dropped Miles Haitian coin on the floor, he saw it hit, but they hadn’t been able to find it. Katie took her bag off the belt after it came through the X-Ray machine, stood it up, pulled the handle up and moved off to the side with the other bags.

Clint and Miles continue to look for the coin, Miles is starting to pout. Katie hears; “wouldn’t it be fun if it’s found in an unusual place”. Titan, the eight year old, notices something under the luggage tag on the top of Katie’s carry on. He lifts it up. It’s the coin.

The House

Katie’s husband Clint graduated from University of Kentucky in July of 2018 when he finished his medical fellowship. They had accepted a job in Evansville, Indiana 200 miles west of Lexington, beginning in August of 2018.

Their original plan was to buy a house, so they made contact with a realtor in Evansville during the fall of 2017. They gave her the information on their price range, the location they preferred and other pertinent information.

She set them up on an automatic email that would notify them anytime new homes were listed in the area.

In February of 2018 they decided they would rent the first year instead of buying. However they still received the automatic notification of new homes listed.

In April, on a Thursday morning, Katie received the email with a new listing in Newburgh, the suburb of Evansville they were interested in living. It intrigued her, she forwarded it to Clint. He said it would be a house he would consider buying.

Katie called the realtor in Evansville, told her about the listing, asked her to check on it and told her she was on her way to see the house and would be in Newburgh by 11 am.

When the realtor called back, she gave Katie some info on the house. There were two other people scheduled to see it, but Katie had the first appointment.

Katie was listening to the radio on the drive to Newburgh. As she exits the freeway to Newburgh, she realized she was singing along with a song on the radio.

Home Phillip Phillips

Hold on to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
‘Cause I’m going to make this place your home…

Katie gets to Newburgh, walks through the house, it feels right.
They made an offer on Friday morning and by Friday night they had bought a home.

The home was supposed to be listed on Tuesday, a glitch prevented that from happening. Supposed to be listed on Wednesday, a glitch again prevented it from being listed. (they can do that from there) First listing came out on Thursday morning.

Katie’s day was such that she could immediately leave for Newburgh to check out the house. She wouldn’t have been able to go on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Joel’s wife Alicia was aware of the evidence of Lorna’s influence in the lives of her family. She was feeling a little neglected because she hadn’t been aware of any personal experiences with her mother in law.

As she was discussing that with a friend, her friend suggested she ask specifically for an evidence of Lorna’s fingerprints in her life. Something that was important to her, that her mother in law to assist with.

Joel and Alicia had been looking for a house to buy. Finding the right house, right price, right neighborhood was one of the anxieties she was struggling with. It seemed to her as though they had been looking forever with no luck.

Her friend suggested she write down everything she was looking for that she felt she needed in her home. This is what she wrote.

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Big kitchen
  • Formal living room
  • Large gathering area
  • Quiet street
  • 3 bedrooms on the same floor

Her friend told her that Lorna would help find those things in a house.

“Later that same day I was looking for houses and one came up with the exact specs I had written down during my visit with my friend. The next day we went and looked at the house I had seen the day before. It was perfect, and is the house we were able to buy. I truly believe Lorna helped us find and buy it.”