Way Station

A way station is defined as; 1. a stopping place on a journey, syn: stopover. 2. A small railway station between the principal stations or station where the train stops only on a signal. Syn: whistle stop, flag stop.

I believe that a way station exists between our world and the next.

I have two friends, one had suffered a heart attack, the other was in a serious accident. Both of them were out of their physical bodies. Both were given a choice to stay or go. Each of them saw a “door” and were told that if they went through the door they couldn’t come back.

One told me he had his foot through the door. He thought of his wife, a son who had just returned from a mission, another son on a mission, a daughter graduating from High School. He chose to stay.

The other friend noticed a bright light shining through the crack of an open door. He could tell there were people in a joyous mood on the other side of the door. After weighing his options, he also chose to stay.

In a blessing to Katie from our Stake President the day after Lorna passed away, she was told that it was her mothers time to go, she could have chosen to stay, but it was her time.

I believe her decision was being made in that “way station” late Saturday night and into Sunday. I know it wasn’t an easy decision.

Lorna was in that “way station” when she told Calli to play the songs that were played for Katie on the way from the airport to hospital.

She was in the “way station” when Calli heard her mother say with a sense of urgency before Calli left the hospital that Sunday morning, “don’t forget me, I can do things from here.”

She was in the “way station” when my neighbor Dale Palsson had the following experience.

Dale Palsson , Neighbor

When going through tough times, my father was known to say, “Whenever you think you have problems, think about what others are going through.” It was on such a Sunday morning when I was feeling burdened by life, that I took a moment to reflect on my back deck.

I had just finished a book and was pondering what I had read when something in my neighbor’s backyard caught my eye. I saw what appeared to be two people walking into the yard. I say “appeared” because what I saw was more like two individuals walking behind an opaque glass that distorts details and causes you to only see movement.

I didn’t mention it to my wife because I really couldn’t explain it to myself, but I knew that I had seen something.

About an hour and a half later I was seated in the chapel waiting for sacrament meeting to start. The bishop stood to conduct the meeting, and when it came time for the announcements I was shocked at what he had to say.

Although I wasn’t paying close attention, I thought that he said that my neighbor had passed away that morning. I was struck, what did he just say? Could that be true? How did this happen? The questions came flooding into my mind. I leaned over to my wife to ask her if she had heard the same thing. The shock I saw in her face confirmed that what I thought I had heard was true.

It was later in the day when I started putting events together. Lorna had passed late in the morning and it was around that time that I was on the deck finishing my book. The answer to what I saw was coming into focus, but I waited for the right moment to discuss it with my neighbor Craig.

Craig has always been the best neighbor one could ask for. Over the years he has shared more gospel truths and insights with me while standing in our adjoining yards that I have learned from attending a lifetime of church meetings.

After a few weeks passed, while having an impromptu conversation in the yard, I felt that I should share my experience with him. Aware that not much time had passed and that emotions were still fresh, I was surprised when he lit up and explained my experience to me in terms that once again lifted me spiritually. He testified that what I saw was his dear wife bringing her heavenly escort to their backyard.

With the help of Craig, Lorna designed and built her very own mountain retreat in their backyard. She was so proud of what she described as her favorite place, her little slice of heaven on earth.

Craig felt that she wanted one more chance to see their backyard and to show her escort what she had built. I felt the Spirit confirm in my heart and my mind that what he was sharing with me was true. The timing of my sighting corresponded almost to the minute, as far as I can recollect, with the passing of this dear neighbor of mine.

I have gained a greater perspective from this experience and know that it was a tender mercy from the Lord. Although I felt that I was carrying the weight of the world upon my shoulders, right next door, this family that I love had been carrying so much more.

I have been inspired by the grace with which the Jenkins family has managed Lorna’s passing. It does not seem to have affected them like it would most others, both in and out of the faith. They have been such an inspiration and testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and its plan of salvation for us all.

When Dale shared this experience with me, he told me he had just finished the book he was reading, closed it and looked at his watch. It was around 11:30 am, the same time the nurses were confirming that Lorna had passed.