Chapter 5, The Blessing

The first week in August, because of some discomfort breathing, Lorna requested that an x-ray done on her lungs. Her left lung had filled with fluid. Doctors drained about a liter of fluid in that procedure.

On Sunday morning August 17th Lorna sent our daughter Calli a text:

“I asked my dad and brothers [three of her brothers had passed away, two she never met; one died at birth, one at four years of age, and one in an auto accident as an adult] to give me a blessing from the other side of the veil, and told them exactly what I wanted. The problem with most blessings on this side is they are full of fluff and generalities, because the giver is generally too afraid to command and make it so.”

Later that evening, our oldest son, Scott, had come over to check on his mother. I was in the bedroom when I heard him come in.

Lorna had just asked me to give her a blessing and heal her. I started to mumble and stammer a little. She told me “Listen, it’s your priesthood, and my faith–-do it.”

I found Scott in the kitchen, told him his mother wanted a blessing and asked him to anoint. He looked at me, then immediately got up and went outside.

A few minutes later he came into the bedroom. Before closing the anointing, he invited Lorna’s dad and brothers to join us in the sealing and blessing. He didn’t know, nor did I, about the text Lorna had sent Calli that morning. When I saw him in the kitchen and asked him to anoint, he immediately felt the presence of his grandfather and uncles and had to go outside to compose himself.

Lorna’s dad and brothers did join with Scott and me in giving Lorna that blessing. I felt a power I had never felt before. I was merely the voice for the Father’s blessing Lorna’s dad gave her. She was promised she would be healed completely.

After the blessing, Lorna sent Calli this text:

“I asked your dad to set aside his own fears and give me a blessing to rebuke this illness and be healed from this moment on. He was hesitant at first but stepped up to the plate. Scott anointed and actually asked my dad and brothers to join in. Interesting.

“I honestly believe for the first time that I have done everything I am supposed to do in regard to this illness. It is finished.”